One Man's Trash

November 09, 2016 • English


Inmate Horace Hudson walked past the trash can in the dormitory at the Florida correctional institution when something colorful caught his eye.

He pulled out a copy of the Today daily devotional and began to read. “It’s been a blessing ever since,” says the 66-year-old adding, “One man’s trash is another’s treasure.”

That was eight years ago, and he’s been reading it ever since.

Horace isn’t sure how the Today booklet ended up in the trash. “It was the end of the month, so maybe the person had read it all.”

In any case, he is thankful to have this treasured little booklet. “Each day I put myself in the pages of the journey of that writer. I look for a quote to help me, maybe just a word to keep on my mind, in my spirit, and in my heart throughout that day.”

Horace will probably not be released from prison for eight more years, but he testifies that God is in control. “I have messed up enough doing it my way,” he admits. “My goal is to get closer to God so I can hear His still small voice.”

Meanwhile, he uses the Today to minister to other inmates. “Every chance I get, I share it with them” he says.

Horace reports that other inmates have written down the address to ask for their own copy of the Today to be sent to them. “I’ve had men come to my bunk to read my book daily until they got their own.”

Horace is thankful for a good faith support system at the prison. “God is working with and through us all, even the Today.” The Today daily devotional is published by ReFrame Media, the English outreach of ReFrame Ministries

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