Little Money, Lots of Fruit

March 06, 2017 • Spanish

Pastor Hernandez And Congregation

Pastor Hernández and his wife work as university professionals in Cuba. Living on meager wages, sometimes not even enough to buy groceries for the month, they have learned to trust in the Lord.

“Despite everything, we have learned to be faithful to the Lord, living on very little,” testifies Hernández. “We have learned to be content whatever the situation, and that has made us more dependent on the Lord.”

The faithful couple regularly reads Cada Dia, the Spanish daily devotional published by ReFrame Ministries (BTGMI). Inspired by the devotional and having a heart for ministry, Hernández decided to share God’s Word in his neighborhood.

Hernández shared, “Initially I started with two people, but did not lose heart and persevered, preaching the Gospel more passionately.”

His sharing of the Gospel proved to be fruitful. His church has grown with 25 newly baptized members.

“I learned a lot from the materials you have given me,” he emailed Rev. Guillermo Serrano, Spanish ministry leader for BTGMI. “I share it with my congregation. Our souls are grateful for both qualitative and quantitative growth.” 

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