Glorifying God through Media Missions

February 21, 2017 • Chinese

Helen Yang

Helen Yang gave her life to Christ in 2005. Originally from China, now living in Texas, Yang works as a volunteer Christian radio host and uses WeChat, a Chinese social media app, to reach unbelievers. She was inspired to start a radio program while recording her book “Reborn over the Sea” for cancer patients, now Helen is committed to being a digital media missionary.

Recently, Yang read an article written by Pastor Jerry An, Chinese ministry leader for ReFrame Ministries, titled "How to use New Media to Bring the Light to the Dark.”  In the article, An likens new media outreach to the concept of incarnation. He says, “As Jesus Christ came into the world and became one of us, we as messengers of the Gospel need to go into the world and become one of them.”

Yang passionately shared this lesson with listeners on her program, encouraging them to be messengers of the Gospel, bringing the light to the dark.

Pastor An explains his article further, “People don’t only look at the messages being delivered; they also look at the messengers. Messengers shouldn't only care about the readership numbers, but also how many readers' lives are changed because of the messages they heard.”

“Before reading the article that day, I had been feeling depressed,” recalls Yang. “The platform I had been using removed all Christian content.” Also discouraged by her low “fan” numbers, Yang found Jerry's comments very insightful and helpful. “I don’t want to look at those numbers. Even if I help one person, all my time and energy is worth it.”

As messengers, we need to be sure the whole communication process glorifies God. Pastor An continues, “One of the biggest challenges to the messengers is whether they can live out the messages while they are sending the messages.”

Again, Yang took this to heart. “People are watching you silently [online],” she says. Yang` recalls a story about a listener who saw something she posted about her husband. The listener told Yang it made her more real.

Pastor An is grateful for the ministry ripple effect BTGMI has on audience’s followers. He concludes, “As we continue to learn how to best incorporate the new age of digital ministry, we need to remember that mission is your lifestyle; your social media followers are your parish.”

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