Faithful Friend

March 14, 2017 • Indonesian


At the age of 82, Samsuri still drives his becak, an Indonesian pedicab, to make a living in Central Java. He freely professes faith in Christ and is committed to living out scripture in his daily life. Especially when it comes to his family.

Joy fills the air when Samsuri talks about his children and grandchildren. Being a role model for each of them, he takes pride in their lives. “I am grateful that all my children have gotten a regular job either as civil servants or in private sectors,” he shares.

Samsuri is a member of a Back to God Ministries Indonesian listener community. The ministry coordinator there gave him a radio, which he fondly refers to as his “faithful friend.”  Samsuri tunes in to BTGMI gospel broadcasts regularly, strengthening his own faith, and giving him wisdom to pass on to his family.

“By listening to the radio,” he explains, “I can do my role as a teacher to all my children, children-in-law, and grandchildren, because I can advise, direct, and warn them according to the Word of God.”

Even when Samsuri recently had a stroke, he kept his “faithful friend” close by, continuing to learn more about his Savior, ready to share the hope he’s found in the Lord.

Your prayers and support of this ministry helped provide a faithful friend in Samsuri’s radio, but even more, keeps him connected to The Faithful Friend, Jesus Christ.  

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