Restored and Building Community

March 20, 2017 • Hindi

Btg Tdm 2017 04 James Kachhap

James Kachhap, living in Jharkhand, India, became a Christian after listening to Back to God Ministries Hindi radio programs. Up until recently, he battled the mentally waring weight of inexplicable fear and anxiety. Restless and sleep deprived, he asked his new family in Christ, the staff of the BTGMI Hindi outreach, to pray for his well-being.

Kachhap organized a prayer service at his home and invited his neighbors and the Hindi ministry staff to attend. Immediately following, Kachhap began feeling restored, the weight had been lifted. “They prayed for me with deep concern, and in answer to their prayers, God healed me,” James testifies.

“This incident not only strengthened Mr. Kachhap's faith in Christ but also served as an opportunity for witnessing to his neighbors,” reports BTGMI's ministry leader in India.

As a result of Kachhap’s prayer service, the Gospel is now being shared throughout his village. “The meeting at Kachhap’s home led to the formation of a new listeners’ group,” our ministry leader. James and his brother, Joy, have committed to hosting a weekly prayer meeting followed by listening to the Hindi program.

The BTGMI Hindi ministry facilitates more than 35 listening communities in Northern India, serving nearly 400 people with God’s message of hope. “Praise the Lord,” exclaims Kachhap. “Please continue to pray for my family and my neighbors who listen to the Hindi radio programs regularly.”

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