Led By My Heart: The Legacy of Ruth Baas

September 29, 2015 • All

Ruth Baas

Leaving a legacy began long ago for Ruth Baas, now 91 years old. Her history with ReFrame Ministries dates back to 1942, the days when Dr. Peter Eldersveld’s Back to God Hour messages were aired on Sunday mornings. She tuned in faithfully.

“I loved listening to the thought-provoking programs,” Ruth recalls. She listened intently as her Reformed worldview was taking shape.

Around the same time she began listening to the radio program, she started working at a local paper mill. “It was during the war and I didn’t earn much on a paper mill salary, but I started giving to Back to God Ministries,” she explains. Little did she know those humble early offerings would bear such life-transforming fruit over her next 70 years.

Ruth’s relationship with Back to God Ministries has grown throughout her life. She stays connected to the ministry by reading the newsletters, ministry updates, and the Today devotional.

Ruth feels convicted to support missionaries who are using media to spread God’s Word. “I’m concerned about countries where doors are closing to the Gospel,” Ruth shares. “Back to God Ministries is able to get through with technology.”

By leaving a legacy gift for ReFrame Ministries, Ruth hopes to encourage others to see how God is using this ministry to further His Kingdom. With a warm smile on her face and confidence in her voice, Ruth says she joyfully gives to ReFrame Ministries for one reason: “My heart leads me to support it.”

Praise God for devoted stewards like Ms. Baas.

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