Kids Corner Takes a Stand Against Bullying

August 15, 2019 • English


On the first day of school, most children return to campus excited to see their friends and meet new teachers. Unfortunately, many children must once again face bullying from other kids in or around the school. This bullying takes many forms, no longer restricted to physical intimidation or name calling, and goes way beyond the schoolyard. Nowadays, bullying can follow a child home on social media. Thankfully, parents and school officials today are much more attuned to the problem of bullying and its impact than in the past. We recognize the need to do whatever we can to help our children focus on learning and fun in school, rather than fear, worry, and aggression. But we still need tools that help us go beyond pat answers and empty platitudes to give our kids real help when it comes to bullying. A new ebook from Kids Corner offers some tools, grounded in Scripture, in this effort.

In decades past, children who faced bullying from other kids at school or in the neighborhood often received advice like, “If you ignore them, they’ll go away.” Other adults would put the onus for dealing with a bully on an older sibling, putting a lot of pressure on yet another child. ( the oldest child in my family, I was the older sibling and did plenty of sticking up for my younger sibs, but that didn’t help much with my own bullying.) A few adults advised fighting: “If they know you’ll fight, they’ll leave you alone.” More often than not, all this turned out to be poor advice. Children really need the adults in their lives to step into the gap for them and equip them to stand up to bullying effectively.

That’s what the authors of Power Tools: Take a Stand Against Bullying set out to do in the new ebook from Kids Corner. It’s a free resource filled with biblical truths, stories, and advice to help families talk about bullying:

  • Confidence that God never leaves them alone in trouble
  • Determination to stand up for his or herself to put a stop to the bullying
  • Empathy to take action to help someone else who is being bullied
  • Humility to ask, “Have I ever bullied someone?”

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