Hungry for God

September 17, 2015 • Chinese

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“I am hungry for God’s Word,” shares Rui, a new believer who just began her career after receiving her Master’s degree. Hoping to satisfy her spiritual hunger, Rui uses the Chinese Today, a daily devotional produced by the Chinese outreach of ReFrame Ministries.

Our Chinese staff met Rui while attending the Midwest Chinese Christian Revival Conference in Cincinnati, OH this past summer. Upon hearing her desire to grow deeper in her faith, they introduced her to our Chinese ministry’s new app,Be Thou My Rhythm.

“The app includes the Chinese Today among its eight programs, but offers so much more,” explains Jean Chen, ReFrame Ministries Chinese producer. “It includes an audio version of the daily devotional with wonderful music background, as well as additional topics from seven other areas--family, relationships, culture, career, deeper spiritual reading, and humor.”

As a new Christian, Rui was grateful to learn about Be Thou My Rhythm, “The app provides much of the content I need for my spiritual walk. I don’t need to to any other app!”

Pray for Rui as she continues on her faith journey and discovers a personal relationship with our Savior.

Click here to watch a video giving an in depth explanation of the app that is changing lives.

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