Hindi Magazine Changing Lives

April 17, 2016 • Hindi


Reeta was so excited to receive her copy of Masihi Ahwan (Christian Calling) that she phoned to thank our Hindi staff in Ranchi, India for the monthly magazine. “I will introduce it to my relatives and friends,” Reeta told them.

Each month’s issue of the magazine includes a series of Dainik Manan (daily devotions) much like the Today. As people in northern India learn about Jesus Christ through our radio programs, they look for resources to help them grow in faith. The devotionals provide God’s Word for seekers, new believers, and seasoned Christians.

Prakash also shared his experience. “Once I took Masihi Ahwan with me to my office, my friends noticed and showed interest in reading it and were blessed.”

Mathias, who provides transportation for one of the Bishops in Northern India, reads every word of the devotional. “From cover to cover,” he says, “I have read it for many years.” He also appreciates the Bible Quiz feature which helps him study the entire Bible.

Primarily available in printed form, the devotional is now available in digital form, which can be read and downloaded from our website. Our Hindi ministry sends the printed copies to more than 1,200 households.

“We use Masihi Ahwan for daily family devotions,” says Joyci.

As you read your Today devotional this month, think of brothers and sisters in India who are also growing in God’s Word, thanks to faithful support of this ministry. Pray that God will use Masihi Ahwan to grow His church there.

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