Going Paperless

March 29, 2015 • Chinese

Yu Ning

Yu-Ning started subscribing to the Chinese Today booklet last year. “If it were not for the Today I would have strayed from the Lord,” she says.

Yu-Ning is one of the thousands of readers who receive the devotional in print form. Over the past twenty-five years, the Gospel message in the Chinese Today has expanded its reach from a few thousand in the early 1990s to 70,000 in 2014. Its teachings remain relevant and inspiring to subscribers–old and new.

However, with today’s trend of online and mobile users, the digital readership has exploded to at least 250,000 users. With the ongoing boom in digital media, the Chinese Today plans to go paperless. By focusing their efforts on the digital version of Today, the Chinese ministry can now produce a multi-faceted version of the daily devotion.

“Going paperless allows us to provide our readers with much more than the simple printed copy can,” states Jimmy Lin, Director of Chinese outreach at ReFrame Ministries. “Today readers will not only be able to read the text, but they can also listen to an audio recording, view videos related to the message, use the special prayer of the day, and more.”

Lin stresses that this change in format is a strategic ministry decision, but also brings a positive financial impact. When production becomes completely paperless, printing and postage costs dramatically decrease—while at the same time increasing our ability to reach even more people.

Upon hearing about the change in the Today distribution, Yu-Ning is thankful she will continue to have access to the devotional—and so much more. She confesses, “I am sad that I won’t have the hard copy anymore. But I am so excited to know that many more people will be blessed by its going paperless.”

Pray with us that with this change Chinese Today subscribers will be more spiritually nourished and that its reach will spread beyond its current impact.

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