From Paper to Platform, Reframing Lives

October 22, 2015 • Chinese

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Like most millennials, Summer Tang’s phone is her lifeline to the world. It’s her source for news, entertainment, spiritual encouragement, and connectivity to her peers and family--every aspect of her life relies on it.

Because of this digital evolution in how people receive and transfer information, the ReFrame Ministries Chinese team is revising their ministry strategy to better equip users like Summer.

In fact, our Chinese team has become a leader in responding to the digital media boom. They’ve revised their outreach approach in order to reach more people with more resources, refocusing efforts to create the mobile app platform, Be Thou My Rhythm.

In addition to a digital version of the daily devotional, Today, the app contains a variety of solid biblical resources. Through many partnerships, our Chinese ministry now provides multi-faceted Christian resources for the growing number of seekers and younger believers in China.

Summer is a subscriber to Be Thou My Rhythm. She affirms, “I found myself inspired and my life nurtured by the quality content. Simply put, I found myself growing daily with this app, and I’ve indeed learned to let God be the rhythm of my life.”

The new app, launched in spring 2015, is a work in progress. Pastor Jerry An, BTGMI Chinese team leader, states, “We want to make the best use of the wealth of resources God has given us so that we can communicate the Gospel clearly and effectively.”

Our ministry continues to progress, but our goal stays the same: Use media effectively to reframe lives with the Gospel.

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