From Hindu Priest to God’s Servant

October 12, 2023 • Hindi

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It’s been more than 20 years since India abolished its system of classifying people into castes. But in rural villages like Jandrah, the caste system is still alive in the way people act socially.

Hindu priests like Rajan* are at the top of that system.

“Rajan had great wealth and power compared to those in his community,” shared ReFrame’s Hindi ministry leader*. “And for many years, he used this for evil, helping his village gain a reputation for opposing the gospel and even torturing people who shared God’s Word with others.”

Despite Rajan’s high status and material success, his actions left him feeling spiritually exhausted and even afraid. Rajan began to sense a spiritual battle taking place in his village, and he wanted to seek new answers.

“Rajan and other leaders in Jandrah felt tortured by evil spirits,” ReFrame’s Hindi ministry leader said. “As a religious leader in the village, he was feeling spiritually helpless as to why his village was undergoing these attacks.”

God’s Word Intervened

In Rajan’s search for answers, he found a radio program produced by ReFrame’s Hindi-language ministry partners. He began to listen—first in secret, and just out of curiosity. But God used those messages that partners like you have helped to produce over the years to stir Rajan’s heart. He began praying some of the prayers that the messages shared, and he soon shared his secret with his close family members.

Today Rajan calls himself a Christian, forfeiting his high caste for one of the least-respected people groups in his country.

Rajan faced a lot of opposition and even torture from those who once looked up to him as a religious leader. But his faith in Jesus remained intact. Not only did he openly confess his faith in Jesus, but he also donated a big portion of his land for a church building. Today there is a church in this village where more than 200 believers gather for worship!

“Although we’re celebrating with Rajan and his community, we know that there are many more villages like his that are still under spiritual distress,” Kurt Selles, ReFrame’s director said. “Our partners in Egypt, Indonesia, and West Africa have similar stories of believers who cannot openly share their faith. Please continue to pray for Christians like Rajan around the world.”

*name changed for security reasons

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