From Hiding Place to Mountain Top

May 08, 2015 • Indonesian


Sahat’s secret is out and he is airing it in the cold mountains of North Sumatra. While farming in the coffee fields, he listens to Rencana Agung (Majestic Plan), a radio program broadcast by Back to God Ministries Indonesian outreach. He was not always as open with his act of devotion.

In northern Indonesia, nearly 15,000 believers and seekers belong to 289 radio listener communities for worship and discipleship. A year ago, Sahat’s wife joined one of BTGMI’s communities where she received the gift of a radio. By receiving their own radios, listeners are encouraged to listen to the Gospel programs at home when they are not able to attend the group.

Sahat became increasingly interested in his wife’s activities. He borrowed her radio and secretly listened to the 15-minute program. He enjoyed hearing the evangelistic messages and eventually came right out and asked his wife if he could use her radio. She now encourages him to take her radio along to work. Because of this, over the past months his faith in Christ has grown.

With gratitude, Sahat responded to our Indonesian ministry. “Thank you for giving us this radio so I can hear Rencana Agung and spiritual songs every day when I am working in the fields. I feel very blessed.”

The mission of the Indonesian language ministry is to connect people to the Gospel by allowing them to hear it in their own “heart language.” Thank God with us that Sahat’s heart was touched. Pray that his faith continues to mature through this program. To help provide Gospel resources like Sahat’s radio and the programming he listens to, visit the BTGMI Indonesian ministry webpage.

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