October 12, 2016 • English

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Theresa’s marriage is in trouble because of adulterous affairs, anger and resentment, hurt, rejection, and more.

“Please pray with me for the restoration of our marriage,” she pleaded in an email to Deb Koster, producer for Family Fire, a ministry of ReFrame Media and Back to God Ministries International.

“We constantly receive letters and emails from family members who are trying to move past painful wounds,” notes Koster. “They are asking for tools to bring healing and release anger.”

To meet this need, Family Fire just released a new series of articles entitled The Power of Forgiveness: A Guide to Healing.

“The truth is we’ve all been hurt by someone,” Koster adds. “The good news is there’s healing in forgiveness. The goal of this series is to nurture this skill for restoration and preservation of the family.”

In addition to posting articles about forgiveness on the Family Fire website and Facebook page, Koster’s team created an e-book where readers can download the entire Forgiveness series.

The articles deal with basic topics such as: “Why Forgive” and “A Process to Help You Get Started” and also wrestles with difficult issues such as “Forgiving the Villain” and “Forgiving God.”

Just one week after the Forgiveness series launched, 1,650 people had signed up to download the e-book. Nearly 100 Facebook followers had shared it with their friends.

“We're excited to see how this resource helps people like Theresa,” says Koster. “We are definitely praying for her and her marriage, and we are grateful to be able to offer her a practical tool like The Power of Forgiveness e-book.” For more information about this series and how you can receive this helpful resource, see

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