Church Juice Celebrates Five Years of The Juicys

December 11, 2015 • English


Church Juice is celebrating five years of rewarding communications awesomeness with five Juicys Awards.

As one of our English programs, Church Juice, believes it’s time for churches to be intentional about how they communicate with their community. Whether it’s website development, social media strategies, marketing, or branding, Church Juice is here to help energize your church communications with free online resources, consulting, and in person training. It’s our way to serve churches like yours by providing expertise in the key area of communications.

Five years ago, Church Juice started The Juicys as a way to reward churches demonstrating great vision for effectively using communications tools to reach their congregations and surrounding communities. In 2014, we awarded $8000 to churches that demonstrated excellence, to go toward their next communications initiatives. This year, Church Juice again awarded multiple $2000 grants.

First Presbyterian Church, Douglasville, GA. Guiding a church through denominational change is daunting. What could be a decisive decision was actually a time of unity at First Presbyterian Church thanks to a strategic communications plan focusing on togetherness.

Memorial Presbyterian Church, Midland, MI. The monthly newsletter at Memorial Presbyterian Church was losing steam and effectiveness. Yet MPC knew from surveying data that members still wanted print communication. That led to the creation of a new magazine written by church and community members that better links the congregation with its neighbors.

Gashland Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Kansas City, MO. Meaningfully connecting congregations with the missionaries they support around the world can be tough. Gashland Evangelical Presbyterian Church built a mission lobby using a mix of traditional and digital media that has led to increased awareness, higher levels of giving and a better sense of community.

Heyward Street Church, Columbia, SC. Heyward Street Church is proof that good branding done with intentional planning isn't something just reserved for large churches. This church of 50 went from a generic, denomination based logo to one that better shares their community focused vision.

Fairborn UMC, Fairborn, OH. Posting to social media channels can often become a task that’s done whenever there’s a little bit of extra time. Fairborn UMC decided to ditch that inconsistent approach to be more intentional in reaching their congregation and community.

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