Celebrating Jimmy Lin

July 20, 2015 • Chinese

Jimmy Lin

Rev. Jimmy Lin retires on July 1, 2015 after 25 years of faithful service to ReFrame Ministries. During these years of ministry Rev. Lin has witnessed the continual opening of China to the outside world—and to the Gospel.

“Rev. Isaac Jen started the Chinese ministry in 1974. It was not an easy time,” explains Rev. Lin. “China was under much stricter communist rule.”

Rev. Jen continued to expand ministry in China until his unexpected death in 1988. Two years later, Rev. Lin joined Back to God Ministries and picked up the mantle of ministry. “That was also not an easy beginning, especially without a mentor to lean on.”

Rev. Lin credits the support of a growing, dedicated ministry team. “Through the years we have added many countries in radio coverage, published the Chinese Today, distributed tens of thousands of discipleship materials, and established important connections with Christian communities in China.”

The year 2000 was a landmark as the Chinese ministry launched their first website. The migration to Internet and then to social media picked up speed, and by the end of Rev. Lin’s ministry Back to God Ministries Chinese media outreach was almost completely online. “This is reflected in the interactions and responses we have received,” adds Rev. Lin.

In 1990 the yearly responses from listeners totaled around 500 letters. Recent additions of emails and social media interactions raised the count to an average of 50,000 interactions per month. “Whether measured in hundreds or millions, we thank the Lord for each person who responded to the Gospel. They are all precious in God’s eyes.”

Chinese Ministry leaders 2

Rev. Lin has now passed the baton of leadership to Pastor Jerry An, who will continue to lead the ministry into the next generation of media outreach. Unlike when Rev. Lin started, the two have had the privilege of working side-by-side for the past nineteen months, providing for a smooth transition.

“Rev. Lin has laid down the road map for BTGMI Chinese ministry for the upcoming years,” notes Rev. Kurt Selles, BTGMI director. “We are grateful for his years of ministry leadership.

To send Rev. Lin a note of congratulations and appreciation, email Chinese@BackToGod.net, or write: Rev. Jimmy Lin, 6555 West College Drive, Palos Heights, IL 60463.

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