A Passion for Prayer

July 23, 2015 • English


Florence Hu describes herself an introvert, but she has a passion for sharing the Gospel. She has found a way to witness through the Today devotional and prayer!

Florence’s passion for introducing people to Jesus grows out of her own experiences. “I’m Chinese, from Hong Kong, now residing in the Philippines,” she says. Growing up in a “multi-religious” culture led her to believe that good works would earn her a standing with God. Through studying the Bible with a missionary, Florence learned about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Her first request after committing her life to the Lord: “I want to learn how to pray!”

Florence’s life hit a crisis after that. “I lost my husband in 2000 when I was eight months pregnant with our son.”

Over the next eight years she was hospitalized three times with life-threatening illnesses. Still, Florence did not ask, “Why me?” but rather, “God, what is your purpose?” And as people prayed for her, she became even more committed to praying for others and introducing them to Jesus.

During this time Florence learned about the Today devotional, produced by ReFrame Media, the English outreach of ReFrame Ministries. “I love Today because it is Christ centered. The devotional helps me focus on deepening my understanding of the Bible through down to earth, simple, but not simplistic, messages.” And the short prayers are clear and concise.

When Florence read about the opportunity to partner in prayer with the Today team, she knew God was calling her to this ministry. Every week she receives an email list of prayer requests from people who have contacted ReFrame Media or Back to God Ministries asking for specific prayer. “I enjoy being a prayer partner because I can intercede especially for non-believers and those who find themselves in troubling situations. I learn from their struggles, feel their needs.”

She adds, “I rejoice to see inmates coming to Christ and being used by God. It reminds me of God's forgiveness, that Jesus will not refuse anyone who comes to Him with a contrite heart.”

Florence also prays for family and friends who do not know Christ as Savior. She shared the Chinese Today with family members, and emailed the link to a friend who now subscribes to the daily digital devotional. One simple suggestion Florence gives: “I put the link of Today's devotional under my signature so people who receive my emails can click on it to check out the devotional themselves.”

“I want to encourage others to pray for one another,” urges Florence. “Many people are suffering and lost. It only takes a few minutes of our time to do this and prayer can make a difference in someone's life.”

Accept Florence’s challenge and join Back to God Ministries’ prayer team at BackToGod.net/get-involved/pray.

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