99 Questions Atheists Ask

January 05, 2012 • Russian


What can Christians learn from atheists in Russia? Through a live online talk radio program in Russia, called “99 Questions from Atheists,” both Christians and those who identify themselves as atheists are engaging in a lively conversation over honest questions about the Christian faith.

“There are so many different religious views and every one of them claims to be true. How does one figure out which religion is right?” Anzhela asked. Another web listener, who did not want to identify himself, asked, “Is it possible to be a good person without believing in God?”

Their honest questions open the door for Back to God Ministries Russian staff to offer biblical insights on all of life. For many in our audience this is the first time they’ve heard a discussion based on a Christian perspective.

“Web ministry is an effective way to reach out to urban audiences, especially younger professionals,” explains Rev. Sergei Sosedkin, Russian ministry leader. “Many of them grew up in an atheistic culture and know very little about the Christian faith. At the same time, their lives are left empty and void, full of questions.”

Some of their questions can’t be given easy answers. “Why do bad people get whatever they want and good people have to suffer all the time?” Anna asked in the online forum. And another anonymous listener wanted to know, “Why do I have to be responsible for the sin of Adam and Eve?”

Other questions open wide the door for sharing the simple Gospel of hope: “What is God’s grace? Is it possible for a non-believer to get saved?”

The program’s intriguing title, “99 Questions from Atheists,” draws in listeners who are questioning the Gospel. This gives our Russian staff an opportunity to show how the Christian world and life view impacts all aspects of life. The program is produced in cooperation with a local radio network that covers major Russian cities, and reaches a large online audience. As we learn about the issues atheists struggle over, God is using web outreach to share the truth and hope of the Gospel message.

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