Welcoming a New Church Juice Producer

August 25, 2017 • English

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We have a new English ministry producer at ReFrame Ministries. Earlier this month, Bryan Haley slid behind the wheel of Church Juice, our program focused on helping churches energize their communications. Bryan stood out in a pool of highly qualified candidates with his years of full-time experience in local church communications and church website development. He now takes up the mantel of Church Juice founder, Jerod Clark, to shape how the ministry pursues its mission going forward. “We’re so excited to have Bryan come aboard,” says Robin Basselin, Associate Director for Content Strategy at ReFrame. “He has a deep passion for the Church and a gift for strategic thinking. He even showed up to his interview with a one-year strategic plan for Church Juice in hand.”

Bryan jumped right in, presenting a workshop entitled “Your Church Online” at the Inspire 2017 conference just one week after starting. He also got right to work planning a series of all-new posts for Church Juice to begin in September. Bryan continues our process of recruiting new writers to vary and diversify the resources we’re posting for church communicators. Bryan shared about his vision for Church Juice: “I want to see us, the body of Christ, communicate with excellence. Through better marketing and communication, and because of gospel transformation, churches are able to have greater impact for God’s kingdom in their neighborhoods, towns, and regions.”

We’re very pleased to welcome Bryan to our ReFrame Media family and look forward to new vitality for Church Juice. “I love being able to support local churches across North America, and the world, with resources and tools to help all of us better reach our communities with the gospel,” says Bryan. “We have some awesome new articles being written by a great team of writers, some new projects under development, and some new ideas that we’re figuring out how to best implement. I am truly excited to be a part of this ministry and where we are headed!”

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