Urban Public Space and New Media Ministry

June 28, 2017 • Chinese

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Pastor Jerry An, the ministry leader of the Chinese outreach for ReFrame Ministries, is becoming a well-known name in the media ministry field of the Chinese-speaking world. He was recently published in the on-line periodical, China Source, defined as “a window into Christianity in China and the key issues that impact the Church.”

In his article, Urban Public Space and New Media Ministry, Pastor An states, “The use of new media has extended the spread of Christianity into the huge public space.” He goes on to explain, “Through new media, each believer can be a missionary.”

The article supports the BTGMI Chinese ministry mission of facilitating local churches in their need to work with professional organizations, leaders, and believers to coordinate with other churches to form a matrix so that the church can spread the gospel effectively.

To read Pastor An’s article in its entirety, visit HERE.

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