The Value of Women

June 15, 2018 • Hindi

Hi 2018 05 Masihi Ahwan On Women

Mrs. Chauhan works as a nurse in northern India. But her true passion is healing people’s hearts and lives by sharing the Gospel.

“Mrs. Chauhan felt a burden to share the Good News of Jesus’ love. This spring she met with several women from a variety of faiths,” said our Hindi ministry leader.

To guide Chauhan’s conversations with these women, she used stories from the April 2018 issue of Masihi Ahwan. The magazine is a powerful medium to reach lost souls for the kingdom of God. It provides a daily devotional, articles on health and current issues, inspirational stories, and spiritual guidance.

The April issue included an interview with Sona and Sujaya, two women who shared their story, raising awareness for the value of women in God’s eyes. For many centuries women had little value in Indian society. These traditional norms are slowly changing.

Sona’s and Sujaya’s stories gave a solidly biblical foundation for the women meeting with Mrs. Chauhan. As they heard how God values women, they learned to value themselves.

Mrs. Chauhan added, “I have had an opportunity to meet with many other women and children. Your magazine is an effective tool to help me connect with people. I find the articles to be rich in the Word of God.”

[Mrs. Chauhan] helped these women from other faiths be confident about faith in Jesus

— BTGMI Hindi ministry leader

Mrs. Chauhan is one of 1,400 subscribers who receives Masihi Ahwan. The April issue prompted many more encouraging responses from women throughout northern India.

Another subscriber, Babul Verma from Rajasthan, phoned in this message: “Most women in our churches need to know how God honors women. In this part of India, women find themselves in confinement; they don’t realize their worth. Articles like these will help develop the right self-esteem.”

Pray for Mrs. Chauhan, the seekers she is working with, and all women who need to hear the healing and encouraging news of Jesus.

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