The Perfect Gift

December 07, 2018 • Japanese

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The Christmas season often comes with feelings of warmth and comfort from being with family and loved ones.

As Christians, we spend that time together in celebration of the birth of our Savior. But Christmas can also be an isolating and lonely time if you are the only one who celebrates this good news.

In Japan, less than two percent of the population openly call themselves Christians. Many of these few-and-far-between believers won’t be able to celebrate the true joy they have during the holiday season. That’s why the Japanese ministry team of ReFrame Ministries hosts an annual Christmas gathering for believers. This year’s gathering took place on Dec. 1.

At this gathering in Japan, BTGMI’s daily radio devotional listeners come together for a time of worship, fellowship, and celebration in the birth of our Savior.

“I felt that I was given joy and the perfect gift,” shared one guest at last year’s gathering.

“Thank you for all the praise and prayers,” added another guest. “I would like to thank you again for the hope in Jesus Christ. All Still, others in Japan have not yet heard the gospel. But a simple radio broadcast in their area can make a lasting difference. Just ask Ms Tetsuko.

“On Christmas Eve I happened to tune my radio to your station,” says Ms. Tetsuko. “Since that time, I've been a listener of your program. I'm not a Christian and am not familiar with the Bible, but my heart feels the existence of God through your program which explains the Bible, Church, and history from today’s perspective.”the glory of those who led worship was given to Jesus.”

As you celebrate Christmas this year, will you pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ in Japan? Pray that God will comfort them in times of isolation and give them courage to share their joy with others

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