The Need for Jesus in China Seems Bigger Than Ever Before

March 31, 2020 • Chinese

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You helped Chinese speakers like Lan find fellowship and grow in God’s Word using the newest media.

Your support for Chinese Today devotionals and other relevant content helped Chinese Christians connect with one another and grow in their faith—even in the midst of a pandemic.

Our Chinese ministry team began using a new “check-in” feature on WeChat, the most popular social network in China. This allowed Lan to connect discreetly without many of the potential dangers that come with attending an in-person church.

“Through the application, we can keep in touch about the spiritual health of our brothers and sisters and provide timely help and prayer,” Lan testified. “I have often been very encouraged by things my brothers and sisters in this group have shared, too, especially when I have been particularly down.”

That connection and encouragement has led Lan to reach out and share the Gospel with others.

“Often many believers don’t have a church fellowship group, and are fairly disconnected, spiritually,” Lan says. “By using the check-in option in this way, we can have a small group on WeChat where we can interact with brothers and sisters from various places and they can pray for each other at any time.”

Although the Chinese government banned our WeChat platform for almost one month in 2020, it is back up and running. Pray that the ministry team will continue to find ways to navigate the challenge of sharing the Gospel without attracting unwanted attention from the government.

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