Slowing Down in God's Word

September 07, 2022 • Hindi

OSM 2022 08 News Re Frame Brijesh

After graduating from a university in India, Brijesh expected life to slow down. He soon learned that wouldn’t be the case. Pursuing and advancing his career in the technology field left him feeling overwhelmed.

“I soon realized that I wasn’t leaving any time for connecting with God,” Brijesh reflected about that time.

That’s when a small change made a big difference in Brijesh’s life.

One day, Brijesh received a short message from a friend, inviting him to watch a short devotional video from ReFrame Ministries’ partners in India. It simply offered a quick reflection in God’s Word, but it was enough to leave Brijesh feeling renewed in his faith.

“That was my first time seeing your videos,” Brijesh explained. “The message touched my heart, and I so appreciated it.”

Brijesh liked the video so much that he decided to find out more about the devotionals. He contacted the ministry team and also subscribed to ReFrame’s Hindi video channel. The videos, called Jeevan Vriksh (Tree of Life), provide devotionals, praise songs, and other biblical reflections from ReFrame’s Hindi ministry team.

While Brijesh’s life has hardly slowed down since he watched that first video, he said that taking time to watch each short reflection reminds him of what’s really important in his life.

“The videos ground Brijesh in God’s Word,” said Kurt Selles, ReFrame’s director. “They offer him an opportunity to reconnect with his faith with a click of a button.”

Every day, ReFrame’s partners around the world are working hard to create meaningful messages in print, video, and other forms for people like Brijesh. While some of these programs are longer, almost all of ReFrame’s 10 language teams have found that they need to offer short, daily messages like the one that Brijesh watched.

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