ReFrame Ministries is our new name: FAQ's

June 17, 2021 • All

ReFrame MInistries: God's Story. Today's Media

As you may have heard, in June of 2020 our governing body approved changing our ministry’s name and tagline.

ReFrame Ministries: God's Story. Today's Media.

I want to assure you that the name and tagline are all that is changing—not the ministry, not our values, not our core beliefs. Even our familiar logo with the cross in the blue globe will remain as a way of honoring our past while going forward.

We know that this is God’s ministry, and we’ll continue to use contemporary media to tell His timeless, biblical story. I understand that you may have some questions about this change, and I will do my best to answer some of the most common ones on this page.


Rev. Kurt Selles, Director


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why change the name?

It wasn’t an easy decision to retire a name with as much rich history as “Back to God.” Our founders launched The Back to God Hour radio program in 1939 with a bold vision for using the new media of their era to reach people with the Good News.

More than 80 years later, we remain absolutely committed to that original vision. But the research that we’ve done over the past several years tells us that while the name “Back to God” has a lot of meaning to our long-time supporters, it’s less successful at connecting with new audiences — especially people who don’t yet know Jesus.

Our world has changed incredibly in the past 80 years, and our ministry has adapted to use new technologies that our founders could never have imagined. Now we’re adopting a new name that will help us better reach people today. Because despite all the changes in technology and culture, one thing hasn’t changed at all: people everywhere need to hear the Good News.

Why ReFrame?

Many people in North America already know us as “ReFrame” because ReFrame Media has been the name of our English ministry since 2008. We chose the name ReFrame as a fresh way of expressing our Reformed Christian theology that the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes everything. God’s story “reframes” every part of our lives.

The messages that we have shared for more than 80 years have always focused on Jesus’ work to redeem the lost and renew all things through His resurrection. So the name fits well with these other “re” words that are at the core of the Gospel and our ministry.

ReFrame as a name has momentum. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of people who listen to our programming on-air and read our print materials, we now reach more than 500,000 e-mail subscribers to our six English programs.

When will the name change take place?

We will begin operating as ReFrame Ministries in early 2021. We realize it will take some time to get used to this new name, so all of our communications for at least a year will also include our ReFrame Ministries name as a reminder that this is the same ministry with the same vision to use media to proclaim the Gospel.

Will ReFrame Media still be the name of your English ministry?

No, our six English language programs will all fall under the umbrella of ReFrame Ministries. We hope this will ultimately simplify the way we communicate about the connected programs within our family of ministries.

Why are the words "God" or “international” not part of the new name?

We are definitely still working to proclaim the Gospel all around the world in 10 of the most spoken languages. As a rule, our international ministries have their own names in their languages. So, for example, the name change in North America won’t really affect how our ministry in Brazil, called Luz Para o Caminho (Light for the Path in Portuguese), will reach Portuguese speakers.

When considering a new name, we ultimately looked for something shorter and easier to say than “Back to God Ministries International.” We felt it was very important to keep the word “Ministries” as a clear statement that we are a Christian organization. We have also committed to using our tagline, "God's Story. Today's Media," more often than we have displayed our tagline in the past. And we felt that the international aspect of our ministry would be the easiest to convey through images instead of words. We trust that one look at our newsletter or website will make it clear that we are still very much an international ministry.

Will the name change affect how I give to the ministry?

We still need your help to reach people around the world with the Good News, and we are grateful for your partnership. We’ve been careful to ensure that “Back to God Ministries International” and even “Back to God Hour” are still legally valid names. We will still be able to deposit checks written to either of these names.

In the same way, if you have designated either “Back to God Ministries International” or “Back to God Hour” as a beneficiary of your will, trust, or insurance policy you do not need to make any changes to your legal documents as a result of this name change. Your documents will continue to be valid, and your legacy gifts will continue to support Gospel ministry as you intended.

I’m still not sure about this new name. Is there someone that I can talk to?

Absolutely. We’re honored that you care enough about this ministry and about reaching people who don’t yet know Jesus to express your questions and concerns. We would love to talk with you! Please email me at and let me know if you are in Canada or the US. Someone from our office in your country will get back to you promptly by phone or email as you prefer.

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