Praying for Restoration

May 01, 2017 • English

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Louise,* a registered nurse in Ontario, and her husband, William,* have been married for 12 years. Both gave their lives to Christ at a young age and later met at a Bible study during college. Now the couple have two children and are navigating through the uncertain future of their marriage.

Searching for help on Facebook for Christian groups honoring marriage vows, Louise found Family Fire, the family outreach of ReFrame Media, the English-language ministry of ReFrame Ministries.

Family Fire often asks its followers how their team can be praying for individuals, so Louise posted: “My husband filed for separation despite my asking him not to leave. He says he will be pursuing divorce. I pray for him, for his heart, and for our marriage, asking that God would protect us from divorce. Please pray for my marriage.”

“When I would respond to Family Fire's posts regarding prayer, the team would quickly respond and say they are praying for me,” Louise explains. “Family Fire faithfully continued to respond and tell me they are holding my family up in prayer and praying for family restoration alongside me.”

The number of prayer requests directed to ReFrame Media is growing rapidly, especially requests coming in through the Family Fire program.

Deb Koster, producer of Family Fire, reports, “Our prayer ministry has recently grown so large that we hired a pastor to come on board and help me with handling the volume of prayer requests.” At present, ReFrame Media has more than 2,800 prayer volunteers.

Louise testifies that the encouragement and prayer from Family Fire have given her hope for her marriage and the restoration of her relationship with William. She has even shared the ministry with her family and has directed other struggling couples to the website.

Although the outcome of Louise and William’s marriage is still uncertain, Louise is holding on to faith that God is working in their life. “I can continue with confidence knowing that Family Fire is praying for the restoration of my marriage, along with many other Christians. Despite what may come, I am covered in prayer and have God’s strength to face whatever God is allowing me to face to draw me closer to him.”

Will you join in praying for William and Louise?

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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