Outreach Reaches Struggling Youth

June 19, 2017 • Russian

Yulia 2017

Yulia is a high school senior in Kiev, Ukraine. She grew up in a Christian family, but drifted away from the faith. During this time she struggled to find direction for her life.

Yulia’s friends from her parents’ church didn’t give up on her. They learned about some videos produced by ReFrame Ministries (BTGMI) Russian ministry. The online videos present a message that gently calls young people back to faith. Her friends shared the videos with Yulia and her mom.

The videos touched Yulia’s heart. Her mom suggested that she attend an upcoming youth rally in Kiev.

“We planned this rally in cooperation with local believers in Kiev,” noted BTGMI Russian ministry leader Rev. Sergei Sosedkin. “The theme was Christian faith and ethics in light of the Bible.”

Yulia went to the rally and listened as the speaker shared a Gospel message, followed by an informal Q&A session.

Yulia was so affected by the message, she was literally moved to tears.

After the event concluded, Yulia approached one of BTGMI’s Russian ministry staff members to wholeheartedly thank them for this outreach. She briefly shared her story, without going into too many details. In the conversation she admitted that she was about to make some crucial decisions.

The rally and videos helped her realize that she had been heading down the wrong path. “Your Gospel proclamation turned out to be a direct and timely response to my intense inner search and anguish,” Yulia testified. BTGMI staff connected Yulia with local Christian youth workers. Through this she renewed her commitment to God and to her local church.

Photo: Yulia (right) talking with one of our Russian ministry staff.

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