Meeting People's Needs, Wherever They Are

May 12, 2017 • English, Hindi, Indonesian

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Virenda lives in a village in northern India where education is minimal and the gospel message is neither widely known, nor accepted. He first learned about Jesus through the ReFrame Ministries (BTGMI) Hindi radio program.

 “Your radio program is my only source of learning from the Scripture. I cannot read or write. Listening to your program is food for my spiritual growth,” testifies Virenda.

After hearing God’s word, Virenda gave his life to Christ. His family opposed his decision and drove him and his wife out of their home. Virenda no longer has a permanent address but is able to stay connected to the gospel and grow in his faith because of radio.

Geography, poor educational systems, political mandates, and religious persecution can make hearing the gospel a challenge. Media, technology, and the understanding of cultures across the globe are catalysts in overcoming that challenge.

Radios – and goats – are providing spiritual and physical nourishment to people in Indonesia. Mrs. Hetty Djohan Suryana, Indonesian interim ministry coordinator for BTGMI, shared how Christ’s love is spreading throughout the poverty stricken island of Sumba, where Marapu, a local animistic indigenous religion, is prominent.

Because of meager incomes, people living in this region cannot even afford a radio. The BTGMI Indonesian ministry team supplied the Sumba listener community with radios so its members could listen to the gospel messages. They also provided several goats for the listener community, to help supplement their financial needs.

Now, while tending the herd, the members listen to BTGMI Indonesian programs on their radios. When the listener group meets together they share stories of how God is growing their faith.

All of this has captured the attention of people in their village, most of whom practice Marapu. “After observing the believers, some Marapu followers became interested in learning more about following Christ,” Mrs. Suryana reported.

God worked in the hearts of these seekers. On December 30, 2016 three Marapu followers, who gave their lives to Christ, were baptized at the Sumba Christian Church. Some of their Marapu friends attended the service.

“We are praying that these friends will also accept Christ as their Savior,” commented Mrs. Suryana.

While radios and livestock are reaching people with the gospel overseas, couples like Carletta and Lyndon are thankful for the gospel resources they’ve discovered here in North America.

After yet another conflict, Carletta searched the Internet for resources to help her marriage. “Ten Rules for Fair Fighting” popped up on Family Fire’s website.

“I’m always looking for something that could enrich our marriage, but I hadn’t found anything that met our needs,” says Carletta. “We fought, but not fair. Then I found Family Fire.”

In an era when divorce is not uncommon, Family Fire is a media ministry designed to help strengthen – and sometimes save – marriages. Meeting the needs of families where they are, Family Fire comes alongside them with encouraging faith based articles on the web, social media, and email.

“So many couples are struggling,” Carletta notes, “we need the Holy Spirit’s fire in our marriages. Family Fire provides that.”

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