Keeping Company with God

November 03, 2017 • Indonesian

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Bayuh, 66, is a widower living in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. He lost his wife eleven years ago. Since then, a severe eye disorder has left him blind. Living alone and unable to get around as freely as he used to, Bayuh moved in with his son’s family.

Bayuh’s two grandchildren are school-aged, one in grade 9 and the other in preschool. They are full of energy and playful, but when they are off at school he is alone at home.

He says at times he feels lonely, but God keeps him company. Bayuh explains, “I am grateful I can listen to the Word of God through the radio that YKB [the Indonesian outreach of ReFrame Ministries] gave me.”

In addition to providing written biblical resources and radio and TV programs, the BTGMI Indonesian ministry distributes radios through listener communities all over the island country. These communities offer a place for individuals, like Bayuh, to feel connected to the body of believers. When listeners aren’t able to attend the group meetings due to illness or other commitments, our ministry team supplies them with radios to listen in their own homes and on their own time.

“On Sundays I follow services through live radio broadcast,” says Bayuh. The sermons I listen to make me realize that Jesus is always with me. This comforts me.”

Bayuh is often fighting his illness, but feels a freedom through the radio programs. “I feel calm. I am ready whenever the Lord calls me. I am grateful I can know and feel God’s love in my life.”

Thank you for your support and prayers that make it possible for people like Bayuh to experience God’s love.

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