Holding Susy Close in Prayer

April 11, 2017 • English

Praying For Susy

Susy’s marriage is in deep trouble. More than a year ago her husband moved out. But her faith has not wavered.

Susy turned to Family Fire’s prayer team for support through prayer. She regularly sends a prayer request similar to this latest plea: “Please pray for the restoration of my marriage and family; for us to be together again, whole again, united again, and for God to touch our hearts to love one another. Thank you and GOD Bless.”

“Prayer is a crucial aspect of our ministry,” explains Deb Koster, producer for Family Fire, a ministry of ReFrame Media, the English outreach of ReFrame Ministries. “Each week we receive around 50 prayer requests on our Facebook page and website. We take those requests seriously. This is an important way that we can care for community.”

Deb has partnered with Courtney Jacob, prayer coordinator for ReFrame Media, to ensure that those who request prayer are indeed lifted up to the Lord.

“I thank God for more than 2,800 prayer warriors who have committed to pray each week for the people who contact us,” says Courtney. “Their dedication to pray on behalf of God’s people helps us see the world change through the lives of the individuals for whom we pray.”

Each week a list of 60-80 ministry prayer requests are emailed to the prayer team, which includes people from all over the world: elderly saints, new believers, people with disabilities, prisoners—anyone with time and a heart for prayer. The needs come through all six of ReFrame Media’s outreach ministries and vary in subject: healing for families like Susy’s on the edge of divorce, salvation for themselves and their children, their walk with God, finances, schooling, career path, health issues, blended family issues.

And the prayer warriors faithfully pray! They are also invited to add their own prayer requests or share God’s answers to prayers by sending Courtney a note. These prayer requests and praises are shared the next week.

While we continue to pray for Susy, we received this testimony to the power of prayer from another woman for whom we pray regularly. She is seeing God restore her relationship with a son from whom she was estranged: "Thank you for your continued prayer. It has strengthened my faith beyond measure. God bless all who pray and are prayed for."

How about you? Do you feel called to pray, right from your own living room, for the needs of people around the world? Sign up at prayer team to make a difference in Susy’s life and many others like her. 

Since April is National Volunteer Month in Canada and the U.S., this would be a good time to volunteer!

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