Growing Young Disciples in Latin America

November 28, 2017 • Spanish

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For many years, no culturally authentic Christian programming existed for children in Latin America. The Spanish media team of ReFrame Ministries (BTGMI) saw the need and the opportunity. They partnered with ReFrame Media, BTGMI English outreach, to produce a Spanish version of the popular Kids Corner audio program for children: Las Aventuras de Elisardo (The Adventures of Elisardo)

The program features a community of loveable reptiles that teach, in a contemporary way, the wisdom and the truth of God’s Word for issues and challenges that affect a child's life. The audio drama not only entertains children, but also helps them develop an interest in the Bible and in becoming followers of Jesus.

Through this uniquely authentic radio program for children, we have the opportunity to shape the faith of the next generation, helping them become life-long followers of Jesus Christ. Although the original Kids Corner scripts were written for a primarily North American audience, staff from Latin America helps translate the language, music, and story lines in ways that relate to children living in Latin America.

“We’ve completed the production of more than 100 episodes of the weekly half-hour radio drama,” reports BTGMI Spanish ministry leader Rev. Guillermo Serrano. “Today, after only four years, the Elisardo programs are being broadcast on 120 radio stations in 15 countries.”

A grateful parent in El Salvador sent this note to the producers: “My children enjoy Las Aventuras de Elisardo. Every Saturday they take a seat to listen to the week’s new episode. Thank you for providing a children’s radio program with Christian content.”

Recognizing the need to build strong families and address the issues that tend to break down the family structure, BTGMI has also developed a new TV program, Vida en Familia (Family Life). The 2 ½-minute video spot is already being broadcast on many of the 215 TV stations that air our other Spanish programs, and is available in our website. “Our goal for these two programs is to strengthen families, present the Gospel, and draw people into seeking a relationship with Christ,” Rev. Serrano added.

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