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December 06, 2017 • English

Bryan Haley

“I was recently on my church’s website, hoping to find a specific page that was shared with our congregation in an announcement, but left frustrated and unable to find what I needed.”

Sound familiar? Bryan Haley hopes to eliminate this sort of frustration through Church Juice, the church communications outreach he leads.

Church Juice is a program produced by ReFrame Media, the English ministry of ReFrame Ministries. Haley explains, “My desire is for Church Juice to help churches better communicate with their congregations and community. We want to come alongside churches and support them in their efforts to connect with members and neighbors.”

Church Juice has been provided by ReFrame Media since 2009. Haley came on board in July 2017. Under his new leadership, the outreach has an increased focus on supporting CRC congregations and has been gaining momentum within the denomination, even while maintain a broad appeal to the wider public.

“Churches sometimes struggle with where to start their communications strategy and how to do it without a big budget. I hope to help them overcome those hurdles,” Haley says.

Because the program is supported in part by ministry shares, there is usually no charge for CRC congregations using this service.

In addition to having a strong community on Facebook and providing a variety of blog posts on communications best practices for churches, Haley is introducing free webinars to Church Juice followers. The first webinar took place on November 17 with 35 attendees. Haley shared guiding principles and best practices in prioritizing announcements.

“What gets announced when and how is important, especially during this time of year,” Haley shares.

These webinars will take place at various times throughout the year, the next scheduled for December 14 at 2pm EST.  Want more information on how you and your church can get involved in the Church Juice community? Visit them on Facebook and on the Church Juice website

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