Bringing the Word of God to Life in India

February 19, 2020 • Hindi

Man in India selling onions

“I knew Jesus, but didn’t know how to live for him.”

As a Christian living in northern India, Deepak’s situation is all too familiar.

“India is a difficult place to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ for several reasons,” shares our Hindi ministry leader. “The government has moved to make it harder to evangelize, the class system keeps people entwined in the Hindu religion, and access to radio and discipleship materials is limited.”

Still, God found a way for Deepak to learn more about his faith. And He used our Hindi ministry team to do so.

Deepak was visiting a friend’s house when he first heard a BTGMI Hindi ministry broadcast. The episode was unpacking a Bible verse, and Deepak says it was the first time that God’s Word really spoke to him.

“The Word of God came alive,” says Deepak. “Whatever the Lord had to say to me would be breathed on me. God was speaking to me.”

Deepak asked his friend where he could find the radio program and found out it was Mahia ke Vachan, or Words of Glory. He continued listening to new episodes twice per week, and he continued to gain a new appreciation for different Bible stories and what they mean in today’s world.

“I started seeing things in the Bible that I had not seen before,” shares Deepak. “God was giving me a new heart and putting his Spirit in me.”

Deepak has been listening to Mahia ke Vachan for several years now, in addition to other BTGMI Hindi ministry programs.

The Hindi ministry team asks for prayers for Deepak and people like him as they plan upcoming events to connect listeners to other believers in his area—a more challenging task in the last few years.

“Open evangelism in many parts of India is not permitted,” said the Hindi ministry team. “Before organizing any follow-up programs, we identify those people who are our real radio program listeners and won’t cause any problems.”

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