Bringing Light to a Lonely Place in Ukraine

July 18, 2018 • Russian


Galina lives in a poorly-funded retirement home in western Ukraine. Yet she’s found ways to be encouraged and encourage others through her faith in Christ.

As one of very few Christians in her 50-person home, Galina felt overjoyed when she heard that a group was coming to share a Bible message and lead worship.

The Gospel presentation was a team effort. The Russian outreach of ReFrame Ministries (BTGMI) partnered with a local church to lead worship. And God did the rest.

“People listened to the Gospel message with a great hunger,” said Sergei Sosedkin, BTGMI’s Russian language ministry leader. “Some were so overpowered by the Holy Spirit that they started crying when they heard the Gospel call.”

After the presentation, the ministry team spent a few hours visiting with the residents, making a point to see those who were confined to their beds.

“Many people shared their burdens with us,” said Sergei. “They told us that they feel lonely and abandoned. But they also shared how they were encouraged by our visit and especially with the Good News of God's love in Jesus Christ.”

Still, one person’s words of encouragement stood out to the ministry team—Galina’s.

Galina shared that she first started listening to BTGMI’s radio program before she gave her life to Christ. Now she still listens to the broadcast as a way to deepen her faith despite living in a place where she doesn’t have regular interaction with other Christians.

Even though Galina doesn't feel as strong as she used to, she is strengthened by what she hears on the broadcasts and says she shares her faith with her friends at the retirement community.

"Many people here don't get a chance to see the sunlight very often,” Galina shared. “But praise God, you brought the light of the Gospel to this place of loneliness and despair.”

BTGMI’s Russian ministry team plans to partner with churches to host at least two events like this every month.

“Because of your support, people heard the Gospel even in that poor retirement community in western Ukraine,” added Sergei, thanking those who pray and offer gifts to BTGMI. “Thanks to your faithfulness, millions of people in very different circumstances—young and old, wealthy and poor—are encouraged by the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

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