Anu's Gift

November 21, 2023 • Hindi

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Your partners in northern India hadn’t heard from Anu in almost 10 years.

When Anu first connected with ReFrame's Hindi ministry team, her gifts in writing and strong faith in Jesus radiated from her. She had even planned to start writing video scripts and devotions that you help send to Hindi speakers across India. But then Anu seemingly disappeared.

Dangers in Northern India

While your partners were disappointed to lose one of their gifted writers, they weren’t necessarily surprised.

“Our producers and other partners often face danger in their own communities,” shared ReFrame's Hndi ministry leader. “We can try to contact them safely, but we also know that they have family members watching them closely or friends who don’t want them to be part of the Christian faith.”

In fact, one of ReFrame's radio producers recently shared that he no longer feels safe inviting guests into his home because some of the local people would suspect it was a Christian gathering and retaliate.

In the state of Manipur, for example, Christianity Today recently reported that 180 people lost their lives in August while fleeing from mob violence against Christians.

In Anu’s case, however, it wasn’t fear of local retaliation that was keeping her from writing. It was loneliness and depression after her young daughter passed away.

“This was excruciating for Anu,” shared your Hindi ministry partner. “She went into depression and had a very hard time for many, many years.”

But they didn’t give up on Anu or many more like her who are facing the isolation of being a Christian in a Hindu-dominated landscape. And through your support and prayers, neither did you!

A Community of Writers

Every year, ReFrame's partners in India host a workshop for Christian writers. The workshops not only offer a legal way for a Christian organization to stay open in India, but they also provide a way for them to find new writers for radio and video programs and Hindi devotions.

Anu received an invitation to the workshop every year, and this year she accepted! That event, designed to nourish spiritual and creative growth, became a turning point in her journey.

For the first time in years, Anu met again with fellow Christian writers who also know what it is like to struggle without a community of believers around them. The time spent in community and sharpening her skills rekindled Anu’s passion for sharing God’s story with fellow Hindi speakers.

"This program reminded me of my writing skills," she shared after attending the workshop, her eyes filled with newfound determination.

After the workshop, Anu began crafting a new and compelling script that will be shared on YouTube later this year. Her creative efforts provided her with the much-needed boost to pursue her passion further.

With gratitude, Anu expressed, "It was a very good workshop for me. I felt like a sleeping writer reawakened through this program."

Thank you for helping Anu rekindle her passion for using her gifts to encourage other believers.

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