A New Home

September 22, 2016 • Indonesian

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Shortly after becoming a believer, Mr. Apit was banished from his home village in Indonesia. Seeking support, he fled to Cijangkar, where he knew other Christians were living.

Mr. Apit found other Christians who, like him, needed the encouragement and support of fellow believers and a place to continue growing in faith. He learned about listener communities being established by ReFrame Ministries (BTGMI) throughout Indonesia.  

Ten years ago, the BTGMI Indonesian ministry team had a vision for establishing 100 listener groups in remote regions where believers and seekers had little access to a supportive faith community. Today, trained local leaders minister in 262 active listener communities scattered across the vast Indonesian archipelago.

Mr. Apit opened his new home to host a listener community for people in Cijangkar.

The listener group meets together to worship, pray, and discuss BTGMI Indonesian radio programs in order to grow in faith and knowledge of God’s Word. They also provide a witness in their village, offering discipleship for those who want to grow in faith and distributing radios to those who don’t have and can’t afford one.

Seekers feel comfortable with these informal listener communities, and many have made a commitment to Christ as a result of participation in the groups established throughout Indonesia. Some of these groups even progress into becoming churches.

Life for Christians in Cijangkar and many other parts of Indonesia can be challenging. “Pray for us that our faith will be strong,” asks Mr. Apit.

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