Help produce Chinese Books for Seekers

Your gift will help the Chinese ministry team continue to publish and share new books containing personal testimonies, essays, and other biblical content. Help get biblical resources into the hands of believers and seekers in China during a time where the government is doing everything it can to stop the gospel.

Help hire more staff in Burkina Faso

There is a lot of political unrest and violence going on in Burkina Faso at the moment. Yet amidst this tense situation, our French ministry team in Burkina Faso, West Africa, is continuing to experience major growth and positive responses from listeners. Many listeners are non-believers and want to know more about the gospel, and the team needs more staff who will answer listener questions and offer support and discipleship. Support our French ministry team as they continue to share God's love with those around them in these difficult times.

Support Discipleship and Follow Up Ministries in India

Our Hindi ministry is very active in sharing the gospel, but the political and religious situation makes it difficult for seekers to visit churches. In other areas, there are no churches at all. Our Hindi ministry needs your support as they reach non-believers and help remote Christians worship God through media.