Help share the gospel in Burkina Faso

Christ is at work in Burkina Faso and the wider West Africa region despite resistance to the gospel there. With your help, Rev. Marc Nabie and the French ministry team have been recording messages, and following up with listeners and viewers. Many listeners are non-believers and want to know more about the gospel.

Your gift for ongoing ministry in Burkina Faso will come alongside our French ministry team as they reach even more people with the gospel at a time when many people are still using their smart devices and staying at home more than usual. Many of our programs are geared toward a specific audience—including internally displaced people, youth, and women—and speak to the specific needs of those people.

Your gifts will also allow the team to provide discipleship for believers in their area. Due to an overwhelmingly positive response from listeners who want to know more about the gospel, Rev. Nabie has been growing his team of follow-up staff and volunteers, allowing listeners to connect with a trusted individual in their region for follow up questions about the Christian faith.

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