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Be Thou My Strength: The Psalms for Today

In this devotional, a Beijing pastor and Old Testament scholar draws on the ancient wisdom of the psalms to lead his readers in faithful biblical reflection and thoughtful consideration of how this wisdom speaks to our modern world.

Available as an ebook or in print.

Facing the Tear: The Challenges of Chinese Christians

Whether at the international stage or in our own inner worlds, the environment around us seems to be tearing apart. The church is no exception. In this book, the young scholar Wang Jun analyzes the influence of Chinese culture on Christians through the lenses of both historical and modern examples, and provides readers with hope to face the tears and find a way out.

Available as an ebook or in print.

Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments

Two mothers share their journey through the heart of parenting and invite the reader to experience the gospel’s renewal of the whole person in the midst of the mundane aspects of motherhood — including postpartum bodies, food and clothing, relationships with the in-laws, sick kids and school choices, and into all aspects of life and living. Turns out, this is what the gospel is supposed to be like.

Available as an ebook only.

Liberty for the Captives: Documenting the Stories of Contemporary Chinese Women

This collection of essays is a non-fiction documentary work about women in China, written during the author's two-year assignment as a reporter. It records the often subtle and delicate real voices of actual women in contemporary China, in the hopes that more women will be seen, listened to, and inspired to persevere, whatever their stories.

Available as an ebook or in print.

Christian Leadership

Leadership is simple but not easy; in fact, it is hard work. The Bible teaches one type of leadership, exemplified by Christ Himself. The principles of Christian leadership discussed in this book are not meant for just a few, but apply to all believers.

Available as an ebook only, in Simplified or Traditional Chinese.

Peking University Testimonies 3

This is the third and final volume of the collection of faith stories from one hundred Peking University students, with nearly forty stories in this volume alone. Although the authors come from different eras, majors, and backgrounds, they use love as their banner and the pen as their sacrifice in order to bear witness to a timeless faith together.

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Above All Things: The Romance and War between Christianity and Science

An exploration of the historical entanglement of science and Christianity that considers evidence for modern science at the micro and macro levels and reflects on the faith journeys of several scientists.

Available as an ebook or in print.

Under Heaven: Reframing My Worldview as a Chinese Christian

This introduction to a Christian worldview provides a complete, balanced, and biblical understanding of cultivating a uniquely Christian perspective, while also responding to some of the specific challenges faced by Chinese believers today. Written by a Beijing pastor and Old Testament scholar.

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