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As a pastor or chaplain, you wear a lot of hats. That's why we at ReFrame Ministries are praying that the conference hosted by Thrive is allowing you time to strengthen your call and feel refreshed. May these additional resources also bless you and those you come alongside in ministry.


Our Today daily devotions offer biblical reflections and prayers every day.


Below is a selection of six biblically-based devotional reflections for those who feel this time of year is anything but the “most wonderful.”

We pray these devotions uplift your spirit and help you see God’s presence in your circumstances this Christmas season.


These episodes of our Groundwork audio program dig into scripture about rest and Sabbath


God Keeps His Promises and Offers us Rest
Examine how God works through his people and the importance of community. Joshua prefigures the work of Jesus Christ, the keeper of God’s promise of salvation from sin and evil and to provide rest.

Finding Strength and Support in Scripture
Draw power from God’s Word to not just cope, but actually grow in faith and closeness with Jesus while living with a physical or mental health condition. Together, we will lean into passages of Scripture that bring us God’s peace, comfort, and his promises to be with us in times of sickness and pain.

Faith and Chronic Pain or Illness
God's Word provides strength and support for those who live with chronic pain or illness and advice for those who want to love and support them.

Read and Reflect

Finding Time for Spiritual Growth

How can we carve out time for these practices in our lives? Here are a few thoughts for guiding you deeper into a relationship with God. Our Family Fire blog offers some advice.

Prayers of Compassion

When grief overwhelms someone we love, the best thing we can do is pray for them. “Prayers of Compassion for Someone in Grief” is a free 31-day guide to help you intercede on their behalf.

Watch or Listen and Reflect

Do you enjoy Lord of the Rings? The Office? Pop music? Revisit some of your favorite pop culture and visit our Think Christian website, which offers biblical reflections on many of our world's most popular movies and TV shows.