Wening's Journey to Christ

March 02, 2016 • Indonesian

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Wening* works in West Java, Indonesia as a housemaid for a Muslim employer. In a predominantly Muslim country, she fears her boss will discover her secret longing for the Lord.

A former Muslim herself, Wening recently gave her life to Christ and tunes in regularly to the ReFrame Ministries Indonesian TV program, Gema Kasih Indonesia (Echo of Love for Indonesia). She recently found a church to attend and occasionally worships there on her day off.

“Sundays are my free day,” states Wening. “Sometimes I go to church without my employer’s knowledge. Although I was a Muslim, I feel peaceful in church.”

Wening’s wish is to attend her church every Sunday, but she is too timid to do so. Her neighbors and employer don’t know that she is a Christian. She fears what will happen if the truth of her faith is revealed.

“These last few Sundays my employer asked me where I am going. I find it harder to make reasonable excuses so that they don’t know that I am going to church,” Wening claims.

Without a church community where she can fellowship and hear biblical teaching, Wening’s growing faith may be stifled. But thankfully, Gema Kasih Indonesia is encouraging her in her faith and giving her solid biblical knowledge while she searches for a church home.

Wening asks, “Please pray for me so that I can learn more about Christ.” Pray that Wening finds the courage to attend church on a regular basis.

*Her name has been changed for security purposes.

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