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June 27, 2024 • Portuguese

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June 26’s Direct Connect online event featured Rev. Hernandes Dias Lopes, ReFrame’s Portuguese ministry leader. At the event, Lopes touched further on the theme of the devotionals he wrote for more than 300,000 Today devotional readers, "True Happiness." The event, bridging English Today and Portuguese Cada Dia devotional audiences, highlighted the impact of media ministry in both languages and Rev. Lopes' significant role in advancing the gospel in Brazil.

Rev. Lopes was accompanied by Rev. Jean Gomes, pastor of First Byron Center CRC and the event's interpreter for Rev. Lopes. Together, in Portuguese and English, they shared insights into why Lopes chose to delve into the topic of "True Happiness" (found at 3:39 in the video above). Lopes also shared some of the pervasive challenges to happiness in Brazil, where many seek fulfillment amidst societal and personal struggles.

Central to the event was ReFrame’s pivotal role in addressing these challenges. In Portuguese media ministry, ReFrame works with the Presbyterian Church of Brazil with a shared ministry called LPC. First, Rev. Lopes offered an overview of the programs (found at 10:17). Then Rev. Lopes recounted the story of an individual whose life was transformed by encountering true happiness in Christ after encountering one of ReFrame’s Portuguese programs. (found at 15:49).

The testimony focused on a young woman in Brazil who practiced and later led a spiritualist religion called Candomblé. Eventually, she emerged as the spiritual leader of that religion in her community.

“She later said she had no peace or purpose in that life,” Lopes said.

At some point during that crisis, the woman found one of ReFrame’s Portuguese messages online. One sentence from that message stood out to her.

“Leave where you are at right now, because Jesus has a better purpose for your life,” Rev. Lopes said in that message.

Beginning that day, she started listening to the Word of God more often. She listened on YouTube and eventually moved to the city where Rev. Lopes regularly preaches. Now she plans to become a member of that church.

Many people like this woman are hearing these gospel messages and turning away from their old lives from their sin, and finding Jesus.

As the event continued, Rev. Lopes answered questions from live viewers in response to his message. (found at 22:18).

The collaboration between LPC and Reframe Ministries continues to foster meaningful dialogue and transformative ministry, reinforcing the event's message that true happiness is found in Christ alone.

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