Saraswati's Salvation

July 26, 2017 • Hindi


Saraswati, 27, lives in northern India and grew up in a non-Christian home. With a 9th grade education, she was married at a young age and has not been able to have children. In addition to feeling depressed about not bearing children, she recently was diagnosed with diabetes.

Upon becoming ill, Saraswati’s family feared for her life and took her to witch doctors in hopes of her healing. The methods they used proved to be useless. As the condition worsened, her family began to believe she would not survive.

“The family heard about Brother Rajesh, our radio program producer, through a Christian radio listener,” recalls the Hindi ministry leader in India working with ReFrame Ministries (BTGMI). “Saraswali’s parents called Rajesh and he immediately prayed for her.”

Upon hearing the prayer, Saraswati professed that she experienced a strong sense of healing from within. Rajesh told her family about the BTGMI Hindi radio program, Asha Ko Raibar (Message of Hope), and Saraswati began listening. She explains, “I like to listen and appreciate it very much. I eagerly wait to listen to it every day with a prayerful heart and mind.”

Saraswati accepted Christ as her Savior and is now a member of the church in Srinagar where Brother Rajesh is the pastor. He continues to minister to her personally in her faith walk and, praise God, she was baptized this past May! Please be in prayer for Saraswati and her family as they learn more about their new-found faith. Pray, too, for those who still practice witchcraft, that they may discover the saving grace of Jesus.

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