Making Church Home in Japan

July 07, 2020 • Japanese

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For Sagi, attending church often feels like a burden.

“On Sundays, after a long, stressful week, it’s hard to find the motivation to go to church,” Sagi said. “It’s not that I don’t like church or don’t believe in God, but work and day-to-day life make it hard.”

Sagi lives in Japan, so her “day-to-day life” includes living in a place where less than 2% of the population openly professes Christianity. One of the reasons it’s so rare is that being a Christian and attending church is often seen as shameful and dishonoring your family, friends, and co-workers.

“That shame is such a burden that some believers even wait for their parents to pass away before attending church for the first time,” says Rev. Masao Yamashita.

Removing Barriers with YouTube

Rev. Yamashita serves as our Japanese ministry leader to help people like Sagi. He knows the importance of building connections with other believers, and supporters of ReFrame Ministries make that possible.

Working closely with churches across Japan, Yamashita helps pastors and church members create videos introducing the church to people in their area. The video series, The Church in My Town, gives people a glimpse into the building and the people who make up the church. Each of the videos are available on YouTube and Facebook.

Such videos, along with radio programs and online devotionals, create an easy, relatable, and safe entry point into the Christian faith. The typical barriers that keep people like Sagi from attending church begin to break down.

Church Garden In Japan

Barriers to the Gospel don’t end with one visit to church.

Yamashita remembers a period in his life when he wasn’t attending church regularly. When he did attend, people would usually comment on his lack of attendance.

Yamashita strives to make church feel more like going home.

“You don't need a reason to go home,” Yamashita said. “It should be the same with the church. God is always there, saying, ‘Welcome home.’”

For Sagi, Yamashita’s advice was to find small reasons to motivate her to attend church. He also encouraged her to start viewing her church as her second home, where she is always welcome.

With most churches in Japan closed because of COVID-19, Yamashita and BTGMI’s Japanese ministry team recognize that there will be even more people like Sagi once churches reopen.

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