Chinese Students Need Faith

February 08, 2018 • Chinese

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More than 300,000 Chinese students are currently living in North America, pursuing higher education. These young people come with open minds to learn things that will further their careers. What an amazing opportunity for Chinese churches and campus ministries to present the Gospel that transforms the lives of students! Imagine the impact these young people will have on their families when they return to China.

ReFrame Ministries Chinese outreach team, ReFrame Media’s sister ministry, has developed a small Gospel booklet with simple language and attractive designs. The booklet, You Need Faith, uses a play on words for its title and content, inviting these students to faith in Christ through stories of other students. Campus ministry groups, churches, and individuals partner with us to share God’s plan of salvation with more than 20,000 Chinese students in North America.

“Many campus ministry groups are eager to request the booklets to share with Chinese students during orientation,” reported Chinese ministry leader, Jerry An. “We also distributed the booklets at a student retreat in Kansas City, MO.”

Building on the success of the first booklet, we published 25,000 copies of a second booklet, Jesus’ Moments, about a lost young person who found the Savior through WeChat (Chinese Facebook). The e-version, released first on WeChat, generated more than 230,000 views in the first two days.

One student, who had received a copy, texted our staff: "Can you give me more of the Gospel booklets, Jesus' Moments? I love this booklet and want to share especially with unbelievers. I found that with this lovely booklet at my hand, almost everyone I asked on the street is willing to stop and listen to my sharing of the Gospel.”

Please pray that God would greatly use these Gospel booklets to reach even more young Chinese  students.

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