Belén Brings the Gospel to School

February 04, 2016 • Spanish

Belen Alvarado

Belén Alvarado, a 25 year-old high school teacher who lives in Guatemala, says her faith has grown over the years. So much so that she is now sharing the gospel with her students.

Growing up, Belén’s grandfather encouraged her to listen to Christian radio programs produced by the ReFrame Ministries (BTGMI) Spanish ministry. Today they regularly read the BTGMI Spanish daily devotional, Cada Dia, together as a family.

“We like to discuss the devotional and talk about the content,” Belén explains. “My grandmother, even though she can’t read, also likes to listen to us reading them.”

Belén’s grandfather is a religion teacher at the same school where she works. During free periods, his students enjoy discussing the Bible with him. In response to the students’ interest in the Bible, Belén and her grandfather decided to share the Cada Dia with them.

“Since we enjoy reading the devotional as a family, we thought that our students would also enjoy reading Cada Dia at home,” says Belén.

Belén leads a meeting with a group of young girls who gather to examine the Bible. She reports that since these students have received the Cada Dia, they have used it to further their understanding of God’s Word. Not only is the devotional challenging her students, but Belén acknowledges that it continues to deepen her personal faith as well.

“As I start reading, I look forward to continuing with the remaining chapters. This helps me to better communicate with God,” testifies Belén.

Praise God for the gifts that make it possible to send Belén’s student’s Cada Dia. Pray that these young people continue to grow in their knowledge of the Good News.

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