A Testimony of Sight in Haiti

April 11, 2019 • French


National Volunteer Week is taking place from April 7-13. To recognize this, ReFrame Ministries is honored to share the story of Nathalie Sauveur, a volunteer who serves with BTGMI’s French ministry team Haiti.

Nathalie, who became totally blind at age 13, first discovered BTGMI’s French ministry through their 15-minute radio broadcast, Perspective Réformées (Reformed Perspectives).

“After listening to the program, she immediately contacted the radio station, wanting to know more,” said Rev. Jacky Chery, BTGMI’s French ministry coordinator in Haiti.

Chery answered Nathalie’s questions, but more importantly, he helped her realize that she could get involved with the ministry herself.

“She wholeheartedly wanted to collaborate with our office to help others who are blind see the Lord,” says Chery. “She is a very dynamic young lady full of resources and courage.”

Nathalie got to work in a number of ways. First, she recorded her testimony for the ministry’s radio program—offering insight into what it’s like to live with a disability in Haiti and spiritual encouragement for those who may be living in similar situations. Her testimony aired in late March.

Let those who are blind see the Lord!

— Rev. Jacky Chery

Nathalie's other big project has been translating the ministry’s Bible study materials into braille. The Bible studies are one of the greatest tools that BTGMI’s French ministry team has for following up with listeners. Some of these studies are carried out in small groups and local churches, but the majority is done through correspondence in areas where BTGMI does not yet have ministry staff or volunteers.

“We are so thankful to the Lord for Nathalie and the ministry she is developing alongside people who are blind in Haiti.,” says Chery. “With her help, we can reach another group of people who may have been feeling isolated. Let those who are blind see the Lord!”

Thanks to Nathalie and about 350 other volunteers who serve with BTGMI around the world, God’s Word is reaching new groups of people. In North America, BTGMI’s English ministry, ReFrame Media, has a network of more than 6,100 prayer volunteers. If you would like to become a prayer partner, sign up on this page.

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