Your ministry partners in India have been fearful of new laws passed by the national government for many years now. At times, they’ve even feared for their lives.

One recent study found more than 400 incidents of violence against Christians in India in 23 different states. That number is up from 274 in the previous year. These unsettling trends mean it’s even harder for ReFrame Ministries’ partners to share the gospel using media.

On November 1, our director, Kurt Selles, had a live conversation with our Hindi ministry leader, who shared first-hand accounts of what it's like to live under these new laws and how people are responding to the gospel despite these challenges.

Share the Gospel with Brothers and Sisters in India

Pray for Your Hindi Ministry Partners

  • Many of our team members have felt uneasy as gospel workers, and that feeling has only grown in the past few years. Pray for their safety and protection as they continue this important work across northern India.
  • India will have elections this November in five states, and in 2024, there will be a national parliament election, both crucial for India's religious freedom in the next five years. Pray for the government of India, that it would show compassion to those who differ from it in terms of their religious ideas
  • Praise God for the growth we've seen in local churches and house churches despite challenges. Pray that more gospel workers will come forward to help disciple new believers in these remote areas of India