“The Chinese people desperately need to hear the good news about your son Jesus,” our director, Kurt Selles, prayed to begin the March 5 Direct Connect event with ReFrame's Chinese ministry leader, Jerry An. “Thank you for the work of Jerry and his team. . .and we ask that your Spirit move among us.”

Jerry’s Reflections on China

Jerry began by acknowledging the unique timing of the event, which coincided with the Chinese National People's Congress, an important political event in China. He highlighted the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Chinese society, noting a pervasive sense of quietness and changes in consumer behavior, including a shift towards electric cars. You can read more of his reflections from his recent visit here.

The economic downturn was a central theme of Jerry's presentation, with significant implications for ordinary people's lives. He discussed challenges faced by churches, such as declining attendance and giving amidst economic uncertainty. However, Jerry also noted opportunities for reflection and spiritual growth, particularly among the younger generation of believers and church leaders.

Publishing Ministry

Jerry highlighted the ministry's efforts to contextualize their work to serve the needs he witnessed while visiting China and regularly hears from pastors who live there. In the last year, the ministry has published 10 books that have reached more than 10,000 people through e-book downloads alone.

Some of the recently published book titles include Under Heaven: Reframing My Worldview as a Chinese Christian and Here We Stand: Reflections on the Future of the Chinese House Church.

“I think you can tell what our publishing ministry is all about by listening to the titles,” Jerry said.

Most recently the Chinese ministry published a devotional on the church holidays and traditional Chinese holidays

In the devotional entry for Ash Wednesday, the book reads, “What religion would have its followers demean themselves by admitting out loud that they are dust, wind, and grass [without God]? Yet the church liturgy places a cross on our forehead with ashes. And what religion in the world has a God so great as to dare to identify with the dusty people of the earth—and even to become one of us.”

New Media Video Series

Jerry also emphasized their use of new media platforms for outreach, including webinars, podcasts, and short videos. A new video series from 2024 features 13 four-minute videos that teach Chinese speakers how to use new media for ministry. Along with Chinese social media pages, the videos are available with English subtitles on YouTube.

The presentation concluded with a video greeting from a member of the Chinese ministry team, highlighting the growth and impact of their work despite challenges.

“Looking back on this past year really reminds us of our overarching vision to be a pioneer and think tank for God’s Kingdom,” the partner in the video shared. “It seems God is continually creating a new identity in us.”

Share the Gospel with Brothers and Sisters in China

We need your help to continue sharing the gospel with Chinese speakers around the world. This Easter, many Chinese speakers are looking for answers to life’s most difficult questions. You can provide videos, books, online training, and other resources to Chinese seekers by filling out the form below.

Pray for Your Chinese Ministry Partners

  • Thank God for Jerry's leadership, for his vision, for his courage, and for his wisdom—all of which is used to share his good news with Chinese speakers
  • Pray for pastors and churches that have been affected by the harsh restrictions they face in China and the downward economic trends that many are experiencing.
  • Pray that the new holiday devotional book will reach new Chinese speakers this Lent and Easter season.
  • Pray that Chinese-speaking believers will have access to the new video series and gain new skills to share their faith.