Emily grew up going to church in Ontario, Canada, but as she got older, she stopped building her life around Jesus.

“I was a very successful student, and I thought I didn’t need Him,” she says.

Emily’s parents were devastated that she wasn’t walking with Jesus, but they patiently kept praying for her. Every few months when they came to visit her, they would leave a new copy of our Today devotional, which their family had read and enjoyed together throughout her childhood.

Emily usually threw them away. But her parents kept leaving them for her.

One sleepless night, she reached for the Today her mother had handed her a few days earlier. She opened it and read a message about how important it is to make room in your life for Jesus.

Right then and there Emily prayed to God for the first time in a long time. She realized she hadn’t been making room for Jesus and she surrendered her life back to the Lord.

As she made room in her life for Him, Jesus gave Emily a heart like you have—a heart for sharing the Gospel. She answered God’s call by becoming a missionary and then a pastor.

“Mission work gave me more of an understanding of the worldwide family of God,” she says.

The family of God is big—it stretches across oceans, over mountains, and through almost every language on the earth. But God’s family isn’t complete yet. There are still people who don’t know Him.

That’s why, just like Emily’s parents, we have to keep sharing the Gospel.

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